A mini granular fertilizer applied evenly at the correct rate to the entire lawn consisting of a Low Nitrogen, High in Potassium, Phosphate and Iron feed to keep top growth healthy growing at the correct rate as well establishing strong roots.

Broadcast selective weed kill spray to start the weed killing process.


High Nitrogen granular feed for the surge in growth and demand for nutrients to sustain this throughout the high growing season.

Selective weed kill spray where needed.


High Nitrogen granular feed to keep growth healthy.

Spot kill persistent weeds.


Lower Nitrogen granular feed to keep the grass healthy but not force the growth as the temperature drops.


Turf Hardener and Root Drench to close up grass hardening cell walls to help keep diseases at bay and control moss growth.

Scarifying is carried out in the Spring or the early Autumn to enable the grass to recover before the onset of Summer or Winter.

Aeration is all good and can be carried out throughout the year and will benefit in various ways dependant on the Season providing it’s not too wet or too dry.

Disease and Pest Control can be included in a treatment plan to be preemptive or used as and when needed.

Wetting Agents and Growth Regulators can also be used preemptively or as and when.

It is usual to have treatments every 2 months to keep nutrient levels working at there optimum however it’s your choice how many treatments you opt for.