Sometimes when a lawn has become so unhealthy, the only option left may be to re-turf it. Whilst this might sound like an extreme move or a large job, we can ensure the work gets done as quickly as possible, without disturbing the rest of your garden or your home. We can supply and fit Ornamental, Hardwearing, Shade-tolerant or any other type of grass that you require, so you are left with a lawn to be proud of.

We will remove your old lawn ensuring that the sub soil is levelled and consistent with the contours, adding more top soil to ensure the best surface is achieved. The sub surface can then be fed with a high phosphorous feed to encourage root uptake.

The new turf will then be carefully fitted and rolled so it has good contact with the sub soil and to keep the levels true. The grass can then be fed a granular feed to maintain the nutrient levels giving the new lawn the best start possible.

Irrigation of the new lawn could then take place so the new grass is kept moist, fresh and the feed gets to work immediately.