Pest Control

Lawn pests can be devastating to turf, so it is important to act appropriately as soon as possible. Once the pest has been identified, suitable action can be taken to eliminate and prevent the pest from returning.

The most common pests are:

  1. Chafer grub
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Ants
  4. Moles
  5. Casting worms

Chafer grubs and Leather jackets will feed on the roots of the grass and can destroy a lawn if there are large numbers. These pests often attract predators such as badgers and crows who will strip back the lawn to get at the prey.

The treatment for the pests is a pesticide, which we are qualified and licensed to provide and apply.

The remedial action can then take place, whether that’s overseeding the affected areas or lawn replacement if needed or desired.

Ants, moles and casting worms pose no real threat to the grass, but they do ruin the aesthetics of the lawn and need to be dealt with accordingly if they get out of hand.