Moss Control

Moss may be something that most lawns suffer with, some worse than others. Moss will invade where grass is weak and conditions are conducive for moss to manifest itself. Moss will choke out the grass, as well as starving the lawn of the nutrients available.

Moss, therefore, has to be removed.

The best way forward is to identify the cause of the moss. It is often found where drainage is poor or difficult; the soil may have too much clay, be compacted or low in nutrients. Excessive thatch, an incorrect mowing regime or too much shade may also be to blame.

Moss firstly needs to be treated and then removed via scarification. The key to reducing and/or eliminating a reoccurrence is to improve the growing conditions for the grass and make it a more hostile environment for the moss to inhabit.

Regular aeration alters the conditions that moss favours and is a key process in the battle to reduce and eliminate this affliction. There are numerous lawn specific products that may also be applied throughout the year, to keep the moss under control and these will form part of your lawn care treatment plan.